Thursday, August 23, 2007

What Makes First Horizon Different?

What makes First Horizon Home Loans different? What makes any mortgage company different? I believe it's the relationship formed between the Loan Officer and you, the customer. From the first time you made application until now, I've been your Relationship Manager. But, many of you aren't using my services as much as you could. I'm not just here in case you need to buy a new home, or refinance an existing mortgage; I'm here for "All Things Financial". I'm available for questions regarding Checking, Savings, Online Banking, CD's, Wealth Management, Home Equity Lines, the list goes on.
More importantly, I'm here for any questions or concerns you have about your account with First Horizon. Need help with your Escrow? Need to know if your Homeowner's insurance has been paid? What about paying down your principle? What if you're a few days late on making a mortgage payment, or your just want to know if you can set up a bi-weekly program. I can assist you with all of these concerns or questions. I'm tempted to even tell you to throw away the "customer service number"; why wait on hold, when you can call me directly, or shoot me an email? (800-453-7170 ext. 103 or
This is what makes First Horizon Home Loans different. As your Relationship Manager I'm working hard to make our bank stand apart from the crowd, and to make your experience with us exceed all of your banking expectations.
As your Relationship Manager, I encourage you to keep checking this blog. I'll update periodically to inform you of industry insights, banking info, and new products. If you have a topic you'd like me to discuss, let me know...this blog is "All Things Financial" and your opportunity to learn more about relationship banking with First Horizon.

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You sure are a good looking mortgage guy. In fact I would finance my house with you...oh yeah... I did!!!!

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